Best Sellers

  • Private First Class

    Private First Class

    This Whiskey is made from the master distiller himself. This crafty spirit is distilled and aged to profection. to just enjoy with friends. Finishes at 90 Proof


  • Apple Pie Mooneshine

    Apple Pie Mooneshine

    Taste just like grandmas Apple pie but with a kick.Making this our #1 seller. This spirit is made with delicious ripe apples and just the right amount of spicys. This spirit is delicious on the rocks or mixed with cranberry and a slice of lemon served over ice. We call this the Red neck. This finishes at 50 proof.


  • Maple Pecan Moonshine

    Maple Pecan Moonshine

    This spirit is made with natural maple sryup from the woods in Chazy, New York and real pecans. Blended with our 100 proof moonshine this product finishes at 60 proof. Blend this spirit with Butter pecan ice cream for one hell of a shake or add it to your after dinner esspresso.


  • Chocolate Moonshine

    Chocolate Moonshine

    For all you choclate lovers. Our Chocolate Moonshine is made with 60% and 70% organic dark chocolate; nothing artificial in this spirit. This spirit finishes at 70 proof. Just drizzal chocolate sryup in a glass, mix 1 oz. of Chocolate Moonshine and 7 oz. of baileys, shake pour into the chocolate coated glass, add a little Whipo and enjoy.


  • Sample Pack

    Sample Pack

    Not sure which flavor you would like? Try our sample pack which has 4 of our most popular varity of unique flavored Moonshine. Apple Pie, Honey, Strawberry and coffee. I little shine for everyone